Will Mackie-Jenkins
Singer-songwriter in Chicago, IL

Named Chicago's Emerging Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine


When it comes to buying the Cherries in Bloom EP, you have three options: you can buy the album digitally on iTunes, you can buy it digitally on CD Baby, or you can buy a physical copy right here from willmackiejenkins.com! Click on one of the buttons below or scroll down to buy from the online store.

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When you buy a physical copy of the Cherries in Bloom EP, you're buying six songs of original music that is only loosely classifiable as "singer-songwriter." Really, it's much more. You're buying the most complete, most emotionally rife musical and lyrical effort of an individual. At the very least, it won't sound quite like anything else, and you'll be helping a needy artist make more of the music you (will hopefully) love.


If you're feeling like a generous patron of the arts, click here to donate and fund the next album. I'll love you forever!